Refund policy

We want all of our customers to be satisfied, even if they are not satisfied with the content that has been crafted for them.

While we urge our clients to request revisions if they are not happy with their products, we do not require it for them to request a refund.

If a new customer registers with us and places an order, he is taking a risk by paying for something from someone he does not know. We appreciate a new client taking a chance on us. When we deliver a piece of writing, we want that client to carefully review it. If he is not happy, he may request a full refund within 14 days.

All refunds will be processed just as they were paid for. If, for example, you used a credit card, you will receive a credit back on that card.

If we provide you a refund, we retain all rights to the content that we produced for you, and you must delete it. 

This refund policy applies only to new customers, on a one-time basis. It is, in essence, a risk-free trial of our services. A client who has received a full refund for his first product can remain registered with us and can order other content if he wishes.