Cookie Policy

Company Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are attached to a user’s browser when he accesses the company website. These have several purposes none of which are to collect and store personal information. They are used to track user navigation of a site, for purposes of site improvement, as well as to remember a user and where he has been before when he enters the website again. 

Should a customer access a third-party site from our site, that third party will also use cookies. Our company has no control over how that third party may use cookies.

Types of Cookies We Use

  1. Standalone Cookies: These do not collect any user information. They identify the browser and device used to access the site and are used so that we can ensure a quality experience through those devise and browsers.
  2. Session Cookie: These cookies last for only the user session on our website. Once a user exits our site, the cookie goes away too. Session cookies are used to answer customer inquiries as well as to process any transactions (order placement, registration for accounts, etc.).
  3. Persistent Cookies: These remain in your browser permanently, although they can be removed by the user via his browser instructions. No persistent cookie stores any personal information.

Ways We Use Cookies

For Visitors/Users

We want all visitors and users to have a good experience on our site. Our cookies track where visitors go on the site, how much time they spend on various pages, and when they leave our site. This data is collected anonymously and then aggregated so that we can monitor page and site effectiveness. We use this information to make improvements to our site.

For Customers

When customers provide personal information in order to register on our site and to make transactions, cookies will store their information and a history of all transactions. Such information is never shared with any third parties.

For Content Providers and Other Contractors

Cookies will keep track of all assigned work to content providers and allow access to customer order details and accounts. Content providers do not have access to customer personal information. Cookies for this purpose allow content providers and other contractors to have a streamlined experience as they complete their work.

How and When We Share Customer Information

We only share customer information under certain circumstances:

  • We do contract with third parties for services that allow us to serve our customers better, such as IT services.

  • We contract with third parties to monitor and manage our site, and they will have access to customer information. 

  • If we should ever sell this business, the buyer will be provided with our customer information database in that sale.

  • We share personal information when legally required to do so, by any law enforcement or legal entity.

When we share personal information with third parties, they are under a legal agreement not to sell, rent, or in any way transfer customer information to anyone else.

How Data is Stored

Customer data may be stored in company systems located in the U.S., Canada, or Europe and may also be transmitted among these systems.

We retain customer information until we no longer need it or are no longer obligated to keep it. Such information is automatically removed when and if a customer request deletion from our system.

If you want additional information about cookies, contact our customer support department for those explanations.