5 Content Writing Topic Ideas That Will Never Fail You

5 Content Writing Topic Ideas That Will Never Fail You

Whether you’re a solo blogger, a content marketer, or a social media manager, you must always find new ideas and topics to cover for your pages. However, bursting with creativity daily isn't possible - it’s when your writer’s block is likely to kick in. 

Instead of avoiding creating new content, you should fall back on tried-and-tested content writing topic ideas that will never fail you. With them, you will be able to come up with new variations and creative solutions for the pages you’re promoting. 

Value of Using Content Writing Topic Ideas That Will Never Fail You

Why should you use existing content writing topic ideas to create new content? So-called evergreen content ideas are universal and apply to any industry out there. Here’s why evergreen content is valuable for you:

  • Long shelf life compared to creating content based on immediate trends
  • Ability to repurpose and republish content fairly easily
  • Increased back-link appeal for other content creators
  • Improved SEO for your website all year long

These types of topic ideas will let you create blog posts, social media updates, email content, and other types of writing very easily. Moreover, they apply for numerous industries such as retail, healthcare, IT, and travel to name a few. Whenever you feel uninspired but need to adhere to a content calendar to promote your brand or clients’ pages, use these content writing topic ideas.

1. Top X Lists

Top X lists are a great way to engage your audience with easy-to-digest content. Everyone likes to read top lists in their industry of interest. Whether you write content about cinema, travel, sports, or business, top lists write themselves.

They are very convenient to write and give you the freedom to rank entries in whichever way you see fit. These types of articles are somewhat evergreen, as they are valid for as long as you don’t update them with new entries and opinions.

2. Tutorials and How-To Guides

People will always look for tutorials and how-to guides online. Whether you write recipes, marketing guides, or DIY home improvement tutorials, these content topics are very evergreen-friendly.

Consider which topics and phrases are currently trending in your industry, and try to come up with engaging tutorials and how-to titles. While these content pieces will take longer to create, they are considered evergreen and will help you drive traffic long-term.

3. Data Summary Content

Every industry goes through ups and downs during a calendar year - why not present your findings in the form of a blog post? You can gather relevant industry data from reliable online sources and give your opinions on those findings.

Make sure to backlink each resource to add credibility to your content and to improve your SEO ranking. Data summary content is evergreen and people will come back to it again over time if you write it properly.

4. Compare and Contrast Articles

Comparisons between two different elements are very enjoyable to read. You can pick two different trends to compare, two products to contrast, etc. By writing a comprehensive overview of each of the two (or more) elements, you will intrigue your visitors to keep reading.

Compare and contrast essays often find their way into academic curriculums - and for good reasons. They are not only a good writing exercise but also quite captivating and approachable no matter the readers’ initial expectations from the content.

5. Social Proof Showcase Topics

As you spend more time on the web, you will gather reviews, testimonials, comments, and questions from your audience. Why not use that content to create brand new content topic ideas for you to write about? You can also invite satisfied customers or clients for written interviews which can then be turned into blog posts.

User-generated content with your original writing can also be a great idea for future topics. Social proof will add credibility to your brand and attract cold leads to your products and services. Publishing social proof content will snowball and lead to more people wanting to participate in it moving forward.

Finding Even More Content Writing Topic Ideas Easily

These are only some of the content writing topic ideas which can help you develop new content quickly. However, there are other ways to find even more inspiration online. Once you’ve exhausted these topics, you can use the following methods to find more creative content ideas:

  • Use Google Trends to discover which topics are trending in your industry
  • Use SEM Rush to discover trending keywords and mix them into new topics
  • Visit industry news aggregates such as Forbes and Medium for new topics
  • Engage and ask your audience via email surveys and social media posts
  • Repurpose old content with new data points, arguments, and SEO keywords


While creating new and exciting content isn’t easy, you can make it more convenient for you by using these topic ideas as the baseline. Try to come up with list articles, data summaries, and case studies on topics within your industry. Combine these topics with trending SEO keywords and you’ll be a step closer to coming up with amazing new content for your website or client.